When life throws challenges our way, many of us turn to our faith for guidance, and Dennis Quaid is no exception.

Expressing his gratitude to People, Quaid said, “I’m grateful to still be here, and I’m grateful to be alive every day.” He emphasized the importance of cherishing life’s journey and making the most of it, despite the obstacles that may arise.

Dennis Quaid: 'I didn't go looking for someone younger' – The Irish Times

Quaid has faced his fair share of struggles, including a battle with addiction that led him to check himself into rehabilitation, which he humorously refers to as “cocaine school.” Reflecting on that time, he recalled a pivotal moment when he realized he didn’t want to lose everything to his addiction.

Breaking free from that cycle, Quaid, now 69, recognized the need to fill the void left by addiction with something meaningful. For him, it was his faith.

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Turning to religious literature, including the Bible and the Quran, Quaid began to cultivate a personal relationship with his faith. Despite being raised Christian, he found a newfound connection to his religion during this time.

Quaid’s faith remains a significant part of his life, influencing his upcoming album titled “Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners.” Describing the songs as “self-reflective and self-examining, not churchy,” Quaid’s music reflects his deep connection to spirituality.

Ultimately, Quaid’s journey highlights the universal connection many people have with their faith, regardless of religious affiliation.

We all seek happiness and pleasure in life, and sometimes, substances like drugs and alcohol may offer a quick fix. Initially, they may provide enjoyment, but eventually, they lead to more problems than they solve. Ultimately, true happiness lies in our connection with God, which is inherent in each of us. The joy of being alive is the ultimate gift, and it’s what we are truly seeking at the core of our existence.