A heartfelt video shared by an Arkansas mom showcasing her older son singing to his baby brother, who has Down Syndrome, has gone viral on social media, capturing the nation’s attention.

In the video, Rayce, the older brother, tenderly cradles his baby brother Tripp while singing “10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber. Nicole Powell, the mom, shared the touching moment, highlighting how Rayce often bonds with Tripp through music, believing the song is about their special connection.

As Rayce gazes lovingly at Tripp, Powell emphasizes the profound truth that “love doesn’t count chromosomes,” echoing Rayce’s insightful perspective that celebrates differences. Tripp, deemed a miracle baby by his parents, defied medical odds, inspiring his family to advocate for acceptance and love beyond societal norms.

Tripp’s parents, JJ Grieves and Nicole Powell, refused to terminate the pregnancy despite medical recommendations, believing in Tripp’s potential for a fulfilling life. Their mission is to foster a world where people see and appreciate the uniqueness of individuals like Tripp, emphasizing the importance of patience, empathy, and love in our interactions.

The heartwarming video has resonated deeply across the country, spreading a message of inclusion and compassion, with thousands sharing it on social media and various news outlets amplifying its reach.