Brigette Brouillard, Executive Director at Second Chances Wildlife Center, found herself face to face with a surprising discovery during one of her trail runs. Three miles into her run, she stumbled upon a large cardboard box just off the trail. Curiosity piqued, she opened it to find six tiny, furry, and bald creatures nestled inside.

Despite her intention to take a break from animals, fate had other plans for Brigette. As someone deeply involved in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation, she was the perfect person to come to the rescue of these helpless creatures.

cardboard box with animals in it

Brigette’s instinct to investigate proved invaluable, as she uncovered a heartbreaking scene at Cherokee Park in Kentucky. Inside the box were six adult Guinea pigs, abandoned and left to fend for themselves.

Brigette’s timely intervention likely saved their lives, as they would have struggled to survive on their own in the wild. She took to Facebook to share the disturbing discovery and rally support for the animals in need.

guinea pigs in cardboard box

Inside the box, Brigette discovered six Guinea pigs, comprising both furry and hairless breeds. Among them were Skinny pigs, characterized by their lack of fur and slightly smaller size but higher metabolism. Brigette highlighted that Guinea pigs aren’t indigenous to Kentucky, meaning they would have faced a grim fate if left unchecked.

Without her intervention, they likely would have succumbed to starvation or become prey to dogs or other wildlife in the area.

photo of a guinea pig

“Maybe they were hoping someone would stumble upon them, or they thought they’d manage alright in Cherokee Park,” Brigette speculated. “Regardless, I grabbed the box and veered off the trail.”

The box was quite sizable and too cumbersome for Brigette to carry back three miles to her car, so she opted to flag down a passerby and request a lift.

Fortunately, a generous individual agreed to assist her and transport her and her “six chatty guinea piggies” to her vehicle.

Undoubtedly, the poor creatures must have been bewildered by the turn of events, but they were undoubtedly grateful to have been rescued from an otherwise bleak fate.

hairless guinea pigs

Brigette brought all six Guinea pigs to her home, where she provided them with food and treats to ease their transition.

Utilizing her wide network of connections, she swiftly located ideal homes for each of them.

Her social media post detailing her “crazy rescue story” garnered significant attention, with many people expressing a desire to offer assistance in any way they could.

“Now I have six guinea pigs at my house waiting for their forever home peeps to pick them up. I have found all of them awesome homes, and we may keep two. What are the odds that it happened to be me that ran past these little gals?” Brigette wrote.