Abdul Halim Al-Attar, a single father displaced by the Syrian civil war, faced the daunting challenge of rebuilding his life from scratch in a foreign land due to the conflict in his homeland.

Abdul found himself in a challenging situation, working in a chocolate factory in Damascus while also selling pens with his children on the streets of Beirut to make ends meet. A touching moment between Abdul and his children was captured by a passerby and shared on social media. This photo eventually caught the attention of Norwegian journalist and web developer Gissur Simonarson, who initiated a campaign to assist Abdul and his children, to raise at least $5,000.

Following the successful launch of the campaign, Abdul and his two children bid farewell to the hostel they were residing in and transitioned to a rented accommodation, offering a more comfortable living space for the family. Rima, the four-year-old girl featured in the viral photo, is overjoyed with her new toys, while Abdullah, her nine-year-old brother, has resumed his education after a three-year hiatus.