The dancing grandfather garnered admiration from netizens, with many commending his performance. “I adore Grandpa’s dancing style,” expressed one commenter, noting how light and agile his feet appeared despite his age.

Another remarked, “Grandpa is a smooth dancer,” highlighting his impeccable timing, balance, and footwork. Some suggested that given his skills, he should create his exercise dance video, with one person stating, “I’d buy it.”

Alec Baldwin looks pensively as he promotes "Motherless Brooklyn"

In response to Baldwin’s recent filing, Prosecutor Kari Morrissey denounced it as “false and misleading,” emphasizing that the withdrawal of the plea was attributed to the reasons detailed in their response to his motion to dismiss.

Despite this, Baldwin’s legal team asserted that the plea withdrawal was associated with reports suggesting he had commissioned a documentary about the “Rust” tragedy. According to court documents, Morrissey cited Baldwin’s alleged involvement in the production of his documentary about Hutchins’ death and his attempts to interview witnesses for the purported film as grounds for withdrawing the plea offer.

Alec Baldwin on set of "Rust"

Two documentaries are in the works about the on-set tragedy. Rachel Mason is working on one “Rust” film and reportedly has “full support” from production and Hutchins’ husband, who is also an executive producer.


The second film is a documentary created by Rory Kennedy, the sister of presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Baldwin’s legal team insisted the actor “didn’t hire Kennedy or commission her documentary.”

Baldwin maintained he’s only a subject in both documentaries and has no financial stake.

Alec Baldwin sits in Rust church

Baldwin’s legal team further alleged that Morrissey had made statements to the media indicating her pursuit of charges against Baldwin was motivated by a desire to “humble” him, as she reportedly found him “arrogant” and aimed to provide him with a “teachable moment.”

In response to Baldwin’s motion to dismiss, filed on April 5, the state outlined its concerns regarding the “Rust” documentaries. Morrissey asserted that the prosecution had received information suggesting that Baldwin and his legal counsel were collaborating with the media to launch a campaign intended to divert attention away from any potential plea hearing, with the goal of safeguarding Baldwin’s public image.

Morrissey claimed that the decision to proceed with charges against Baldwin came after an expert analysis concluded that the actor must have pulled the trigger for the fatal shot to occur. These findings were reportedly made in the summer of 2023, and the plea offer was extended in October of that year. Baldwin was subsequently indicted on two counts — involuntary manslaughter and negligent use of a firearm, or alternatively, involuntary manslaughter without due caution or circumspection — on January 19.

Initially charged with involuntary manslaughter in January 2023 by Mary Carmack-Altwies, the charges against Baldwin were later dismissed after special prosecutors Morrissey and Lewis assumed control of the case.

Baldwin’s trial is set to commence in July, with jury selection slated to begin on July 9, according to New Mexico Courts. The trial is anticipated to run until July 19.