At 73, Jane Seymour remains steadfast in her approach to beauty, eschewing the commonplace practices embraced by many in Hollywood. Rather than resorting to plastic surgery, the acclaimed actress relies on a holistic approach to skincare and wellness to maintain her timeless radiance.

Speaking with Fox News Digital at the CMT Music Awards, Seymour emphasized the importance of skincare and nutrition in her beauty regimen. Opting for a Mediterranean-inspired diet, supplemented by vitamins and moderate exercise, she prioritizes a lifestyle that nurtures her skin and overall well-being.

In her illustrious career, which spans diverse roles in film and television such as “Irish Wish” and “Harry Wild,” Seymour has adeptly portrayed characters across various ages and personas. Her commitment to natural beauty aligns with her versatile acting roles, allowing her to authentically embody characters both youthful and mature without the need for invasive procedures.

Jane Seymour smiles for a photo

Renowned for her role as “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” Seymour’s dedication to maintaining her natural appearance underscores her enduring grace and vitality at 73 years young.

“I don’t do all that stuff everyone else is doing,” Seymour emphasized, gesturing to her face. “I’m an actress. I need to be able to play 85 one day and younger another day. So, anything that I can do to, you know, keep myself fit and healthy and be able to play all the characters I play.”

Born Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg, Seymour opted for the stage name Jane Seymour for its memorability. She made her debut in the 1969 film “Oh! What a Lovely War,” albeit in an uncredited role.

During her stint on British television, Seymour captured the attention of James Bond franchise producers. This led to her iconic portrayal of “Solitaire,” the primary Bond girl in the 1973 film “Live and Let Die.”

Jane Seymour in the East of Eden

After her breakout role as a Bond girl, Seymour transitioned to American television, where she became known for her roles in “Wedding Crashers,” “Somewhere in Time,” and other notable titles.

Throughout her illustrious career, Seymour has earned five Emmy nominations and clinched a Golden Globe for her performances in “East of Eden” and the television series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.”

Jane Seymour attends a hall of fame event

Throughout her illustrious career, Seymour has adhered to a simple yet powerful mantra.

“Be authentic and keep an open mind and heart,” Seymour shared with Fox News Digital. “Give back, and help others.”

In 2010, Seymour took her commitment to helping others to the next level by founding the Open Hearts Foundation. Partnering with Signet Jewelers and Kay Jewelers, Seymour launched an Open Hearts jewelry line, with proceeds going toward charitable causes. The foundation’s mission is to inspire global compassion and provide immediate support to small, emerging charities that align with the Open Hearts Philosophy, as outlined on its website.

Seymour emphasized to Fox News Digital the significance of her work with the Open Hearts Foundation.

“It’s more than just a foundation—it’s a movement. It’s about empowering people to realize they can make a difference,” Seymour elaborated. “Recently, I had the privilege of meeting remarkable young individuals in Washington, D.C., who are recipients of college scholarships. These are kids who have faced unimaginable challenges, yet they’ve not only persevered but have thrived.”

Trisha Yearwood and Jane Seymour at the CMTs