A video posted by an Arkansas mother of her older son serenading his baby brother with Down syndrome has garnered widespread attention after gaining traction on social media.


Nicole Powell uploaded a video featuring her elder son Rayce singing to his younger brother Tripp, who has Down syndrome.

In the heartwarming video, Tripp is gently cradled in Rayce’s arms while he sings “10,000 Hours” by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber. Nicole Powell, Tripp’s mother, shared the touching moment online, highlighting how Rayce often bonds with his brother through singing. Powell noted that Rayce believes the song is about their special bond.

As Rayce serenades his brother, the love and affection between them are evident. Powell emphasized the message that love transcends differences, quoting Rayce’s poignant question, “Aren’t we all different?”

Tripp, the youngest member of the family, is considered a miracle baby as doctors initially gave a grim prognosis, suggesting little chance for quality of life. However, his parents, JJ Grieves and Nicole Powell, were adamant about continuing the pregnancy despite medical recommendations to terminate.

Tripp’s parents are now dedicated to spreading a message of love and acceptance, advocating for others to see the world through the eyes of a child. Grieves emphasizes that Tripp is just like any other child, albeit needing a bit more care and time to learn. He believes that the world could benefit from such compassion and love.

It’s no surprise that the video of Rayce singing to Tripp has resonated deeply with people across the country, garnering widespread attention on social media and various news outlets, with over 20,000 shares on Facebook alone.

Nicole Powell also manages “Team Tripp,” a Facebook page where she chronicles their family’s journey, aiming to inspire others and raise awareness about the beauty of life with children who have Down Syndrome. Through their experiences, Powell hopes to show that despite the challenges, life can be filled with love, joy, and meaningful connections.