For as long as Paige Robison, Josh Davila’s wife, can recall, he has always sported a mustache and beard.

It had been over five years since he had a clean-shaven face, a change that occurred shortly after the birth of their daughter, Wren.

When Davila made the bold decision to shave his entire head once again, Robison seized the opportunity to capture the moment when their four-year-old daughter noticed his new look. Her endearing reaction exceeded all expectations and moved her father to tears.

Robison shared a video on TikTok, which quickly went viral, capturing the unexpectedly emotional moment. The footage starts with Wren’s jaw dropping as she sees her father’s clean-shaven face.

“Can you give me a kiss?” she asks in the video, sharing a laugh with her parents for the first time. Davila bends down to kiss his daughter on the cheek, and she remarks, “It feels so soft.”

Throughout the video, Wren continues to express her admiration for her dad’s smooth skin, repeatedly calling him “so beautiful,” causing tears to well up in his eyes.

Robison told PEOPLE that she expected her always-enthusiastic daughter to show some support for Davila’s new look. “Our daughter is the type of kid that hypes everyone up,” she explained. However, neither parent anticipated just how effusive Wren would be in her admiration of Davila’s clean-shaven face.

While Robison was less surprised by her husband’s tears, noting that Davila has always been open about his emotions, especially when it comes to their daughter, she admitted that she wasn’t expecting him to tear up the way he did when Wren called him beautiful. “From the very beginning, Wren has been melting his heart with her love,” Robison said. “But I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting him to get emotional the way he did when she called him beautiful. I think we were both just hoping for a good laugh!”

The TikTok video garnered over 268,000 likes and 1.8 million views within just one day of being posted. Social media users flooded the comments section with expressions of gratitude for the heartwarming family moment, praising Wren and applauding Robison and Davila for their exemplary parenting.

One commenter observed, “The fact that she sees the beauty in her daddy, regardless of the circumstances, shows that you guys have raised her to see the beauty in everything she encounters!” Robison shared that she has received “nothing but positive” feedback, and she’s touched by the genuine response her audience has shown to the 42-second clip.

“The fact that someone mentioned that the video made them feel like it was helping them reconnect with their inner child is something that really resonates with me,” Robison said in an interview with PEOPLE. “The idea that a sweet moment we chose to capture of our daughter could have such a profound impact on other people is incredibly meaningful to us.”