On “The Carol Burnett Show,” Tim Conway never failed to bring the laughs, and this sketch was no different. The studio audience roared with laughter as Conway took the spotlight, delivering a hilariously improvised story.

Tim Conway makes costars break character for 5 minutes straight on 'The  Carol Burnett Show'

Conway’s co-stars, including Carol Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, and Dick Van Dyke, struggled to keep it together as Conway’s character, Mickey Hart, went off on a tangent about a circus elephant during a game of ‘Password.’

Amazing Minds - On “The Carol Burnett Show,” Tim Conway makes his co-stars  break character for 5 minutes straight…You can watch this 'iconic' video in  the comments section down below👀 | Facebook

Despite their attempts to stay composed, the cast couldn’t contain their laughter as Conway’s storytelling took unexpected turns. They broke character multiple times, unable to suppress their amusement throughout Conway’s uproarious performance.