The hosts of ‘The View’ often seem to compete in making the most provocative statements, aiming for viral moments with their audience. Recently, during a discussion on banning assault weapons, specifically the AR-15, Joy Behar made a striking remark. She claimed that a deer shot with an AR-15 would be inedible due to the weapon’s destructive force.

While Behar’s comment was eye-catching, it reflects a misunderstanding of hunting practices and firearm effects. Regardless of opinions on weapon bans, it is widely accepted that deer shot with an AR-15 can still be consumed. Behar’s assertion highlights a gap in knowledge on this subject.

Dean Cain criticized Joy Behar’s statement, calling it one of the most absurd remarks he has ever heard. He commented, “If you shoot a deer with an AR-15, you can’t eat it. Because it basically demolishes it…” Cain went on to describe it as one of the dumbest statements he’s come across.

Behar’s comment seems to stem from a misunderstanding, possibly influenced by the Mons Meg, a massive medieval cannon renowned for its destructive power when fired.


Joy Behar: "If you shoot with an AR-15, let's say you shoot a deer, you can't eat it because you basically demolish the animal."

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