When Elizabeth Montgomery’s name is brought up, it’s hard not to think of her iconic nose twitch from Bewitched. Rising to fame in the 1960s, she unexpectedly passed away in 1995.

As a writer at Newsner, I’ve had the privilege of covering numerous talented women, but Elizabeth Montgomery captured my heart from the very beginning. Unlike many actors who rely heavily on makeup and stylists, Elizabeth’s natural beauty effortlessly shone through, particularly in Bewitched.

After Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery continued to work in television and film, showcasing her versatility as an actress. She took on various roles, exploring different genres and characters beyond the realm of Samantha Stephens.

While her career continued to thrive, her unexpected passing in 1995 left fans mourning the loss of a talented and beloved actress. Despite her untimely death, Montgomery’s legacy endures through her iconic performances and the lasting impact she had on the entertainment industry.

Born in Los Angeles on April 15, 1933, Elizabeth Montgomery was immersed in the world of acting from the start, with both of her parents being Broadway actors.

Despite her father’s prominence, she carved her own path, making her television debut on his show. Montgomery flourished both on Broadway and in films, enjoying success in her career but encountering personal struggles, particularly in matters of love.

Elizabeth Montgomery found enduring love with William Asher, a director and TV producer, whom she married in 1963. Together, they shared three children.

Elizabeth Montgomery’s portrayal of Samantha Stephens in “Bewitched” indeed catapulted her to stardom, but her talent extended far beyond the iconic nose twitch. She continued to impress audiences with her versatility, starring in numerous TV shows and movies, solidifying her status as a versatile and accomplished actress.

Tragically, Elizabeth Montgomery’s life was cut short when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Despite fighting the disease for years and experiencing a period of remission, it eventually returned, spreading to her liver.

In 1995, at the age of 62, Elizabeth passed away, leaving behind a legacy of talent and beauty that had touched the hearts of many. Her family and friends gathered to honor her memory at a memorial, reflecting on her remarkable life and career.

Elizabeth Montgomery’s versatile performances and ability to embody diverse characters left an indelible mark on her fans. Her natural charm and undeniable talent will always be cherished, serving as a reminder of the timeless beauty and skill she possessed.