“Put that on YouTube,” Grandpa suggests, and he couldn’t have been more right. Babies typically begin pronouncing two-syllable words around six months old, marking a significant developmental milestone. For this tiny guy, that milestone was achieved with his first word.

Every developmental milestone is a moment worth cherishing, and a baby’s first word holds special significance. From babbling and gurgling sounds in the first few months to experimenting with vowel-consonant pairings and double-syllable sounds by six months, a baby’s journey to language acquisition is remarkable. It’s no surprise that their first words often revolve around the affectionate bonds they share with their parents, with “mama” or “dada” frequently taking the lead.

In the video below, you’ll witness two loving grandparents eagerly awaiting their grandson’s first word. Despite their best efforts to coax him, the little one remains silent. Grandma suggests “Say, Mama,” while Grandpa speculates that “milk” might be his first word. However, it’s Grandpa’s playful suggestion of “Taco” that elicits a response. After some contemplation, the tiny guy indeed says “Taco.”

While it may seem like this baby has an early appreciation for Mexican cuisine, it turns out that the household cat is named Taco, perhaps indicating a special bond between them. Undoubtedly, the parents found this first word both amusing and endearing.