Yona and Nina Tokayer dedicated their lives to music, and when they serendipitously met on a balcony in Tzfat, Israel, they felt it was destiny. Falling deeply in love, they realized their union would be not only personal but also professional, leading to the birth of their musical partnership, Yonina.

As Yonina, they’ve traveled the world, enchanting audiences with their original compositions and heartfelt covers. Their journey began with a YouTube video in 2016, captivating viewers ever since. From concert halls to impromptu performances in their car, they follow their musical muse wherever it leads, often accompanied by their two beautiful children, including their newborn daughter, Ashira.

In August 2016, they recorded a viral video of themselves singing passionately in their car, with Ashira stealing the spotlight with her adorable presence. While Yona and Nina showcased their vocal prowess, it was Ashira’s charm that captured hearts. Throughout the performance, Ashira remained entranced by her father, adding to the irresistible appeal of the family’s musical moment.

Yona and Nina Tokayer initially shared their musical journey with the world through weekly home videos posted on various social media platforms, starting in 2016. Their debut studio album launched in September 2017, leading to performances across Israel, Europe, and the United States. Currently, they’re working on their second album, featuring original compositions.

Their heartwarming videos, featuring their daughters Ashira and Achiya, have garnered widespread attention, amassing over 64,000 YouTube subscribers and 18,000 Instagram followers. Their rendition of Matisyahu’s “One Day,” released in August 2016, remains a standout, with over three million YouTube views and 33,000 thumbs-up ratings.

While Yonina’s musical talents initially drew viewers, it was the endearing presence of their daughter, Ashira, that captured hearts. Ashira’s joyful demeanor and infectious smiles stole the spotlight, making their performances irresistible to audiences worldwide.

Continuing the tradition, the family shares moments of love and talent through photos and videos on their social media platforms, connecting with fans globally.