The Voices of Armed Forces Children’s Choir created a historic moment on BGT when Simon Cowell personally invited them to perform on the show’s stage. Simon’s visit to their rehearsal at London’s Guard’s Chapel left a profound impact, as he was deeply moved by their performance and the heartfelt stories they shared. With his keen eye for talent and compelling narratives, Simon’s decision to showcase the choir proved to be an inspired choice.

The choir, comprised of approximately 50 children aged 6 to 18, is remarkable for several reasons. Each member is the son or daughter of either active-duty service members or veterans of the armed forces. Established just a year prior to their 2022 BGT audition, the choir is part of the “Never Such Innocence” program, supported by the Royal British Legion.

This initiative aims to provide a platform for children of service members to express their experiences through various forms of artistic expression, including poetry, art, speech, and song.

The Voices of Armed Forces Children’s Choir chose to perform an original song titled “Welcome Home,” which beautifully captures the emotions of joy upon their parents’ return from deployment. As they began singing, the audience erupted with enthusiasm, joining in with claps that resonated to the rhythm of their harmonious voices.

Simon Cowell was effusive in his praise for the choir, remarking, “We hear a lot of people from the services tell their stories, but we never hear the kids tell their story.” This acknowledgment elevated the choir as one of the most unique and unforgettable acts in the annals of Britain’s Got Talent.

With two Chelsea Pensioners adorned in scarlet observing from the royal boxes above, the Voices of Armed Forces Children’s Choir delivered a poignant rendition of their original composition, penned by one of the choir members during a workshop at Never Such Innocence.

Their performance stirred emotions, moving everyone in the room to tears. As the last note faded away, the entire audience rose to their feet in a thunderous applause, a testament to the choir’s profound impact.