Alec Baldwin met his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, in 2011, and they exchanged vows the following year, in 2012. Waste no time, the couple embraced parenthood, welcoming their first child in 2013. Over the years, they joyfully expanded their family with four more children before their sixth child arrived via surrogate.

In April 2021, they shared the exciting news of expecting their seventh child together, sparking widespread joy and excitement among their supporters. Hilaria joyfully announced the arrival of their daughter on her Instagram, sharing a series of photos and videos.

In one post, she expressed the enthusiasm of their other children in welcoming their newest sibling, saying, “Her Baldwinito siblings are spending the day bonding and welcoming her into our home.”

While the couple deeply treasures their growing family, Hilaria Baldwin has recently opened up about facing criticism for their decision to have such a large family. In a candid post, she shared, “7th baby: when people ask or comment, we often go to silly and very self-deprecating jokes on my part. I love to laugh at myself—so it’s all good…keeps me sane. All jokes aside, however, I am grateful for this experience.”

Despite the radiant happiness exuded by Alec and Hilaria Baldwin with the arrival of their newest family member, not everyone extended congratulations. In fact, some individuals harbored strong opinions about their newborn’s name: Ilaria Catalina Irena Baldwin.

Known for their penchant for distinctive names with Spanish roots for their children, the couple faced criticism following revelations about Hilaria’s lack of Spanish ancestry and controversies surrounding her alleged adoption of a fake Spanish accent and misrepresentation of her background in 2020. Consequently, people were taken aback by the name chosen for their seventh child.


One commenter voiced frustration, stating, “Her blatant attempts to portray herself as Spanish are quite irritating. Why is it acceptable? Why does she persist? Have they truly become so enamored with their image?”

On Twitter, another user remarked, “A fake Spanish name from a Boston-born mom,” with a second adding, “Hilaria & Alec Baldwin had their 7th child. Not a single American name, not even as a middle name.”

A third individual shared their astonishment, saying, “The fact that Alec Baldwin’s wife feigned being Spanish is just bizarre. Changing her name from Hillary to Hilaria, naming all 7 of their kids with those roots, pretending to forget the English word for ‘cucumber,’ faking an accent. She should’ve changed her name to ‘hilarious’ instead.”

Indeed, some pointed out that “Ilaria” is the Italian equivalent of “Hilary.” This name, carrying connotations of cheerfulness, was relatively popular among Italian girls in 2006. This observation underscores the cultural significance and diversity of names.