In March, the adored actress Sharon Stone, beloved by millions, will celebrate her 66th birthday. The Hollywood diva admitted to journalists that she struggled for quite some time to come to terms with the natural process of aging.

“I locked myself in the bathroom, scrutinizing myself in the mirror and crying for hours,” Sharon confessed in her conversation. “One day, I decided that I wouldn’t leave the bathroom until I accepted my new reflection, until I came to terms with the idea that I am aging and this process cannot be stopped,” Stone shared.

“The actress not only managed to accept her new appearance but also sincerely fell in love with it. Recently, the paparazzi captured the 65-year-old actress on vacation. It seems Sharon noticed the photographers but didn’t hide or cover her face.”

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“Why show herself in such a state? She was an ideal for many,” write users of the internet in the comments under Stone’s photos. Share your thoughts under this post as well.