The unrecognizable 83-year-old actor Chuck Norris revealed a photo with his wife, to whom he has been faithful for 25 years. Former model Gina O’Kelly is 23 years younger than her chosen one. Gina sacrificed her career for Norris, becoming a diligent homemaker.

“My wife has brought youth back into my life. I have dedicated the remaining years of my life to her,” Chuck says about his spouse. “I admire men who speak so warmly about their wives.”

“I didn’t recognize Chuck. How he has changed,” “It’s hard to recognize Chuck in the new photos,” “For 60 years old, she looks amazing,” “Next to the right man, a woman will always be happy, well-groomed, and headache-free.”

“What a luxurious blonde,” “Beautiful couple,” “Can’t take my eyes off of you,” write users of the internet in the comments under the photos of Norris and O’Kelly. And what do you say? Let’s meet in the discussions.