A five-month-old Cane Corso/Pit Mastiff mix was left at the Pennsylvania SPCA headquarters, found tied to a pole with a note that simply stated, “Good Puppy. House Broken. Don’t Have A Name.”

According to an SPCA Facebook post, the puppy was in good health but appeared visibly upset. “We had to wipe away the tears from her eyes,” they shared, indicating how frightened and sad the puppy was at being left alone.

At such a young age, this abandonment was especially poignant, as the puppy had likely been separated from the only family she had ever known. However, the SPCA reassured, “But she was safe with us now.”

They named her Minerva, and she quickly became a temporary resident at the shelter, waiting for a new family to make her part of their home. Minerva’s story resonated deeply with people, and it wasn’t long before the right family came forward to adopt her.

The Facebook update included heartfelt congratulations from the community. “Congratulations to beautiful Minerva and her equally beautiful forever family,” one user commented. “Thank you for adopting this sweet baby and giving her such a wonderful home with you.” Another added, “Oh look at those smiling faces!!! You are amazing!! She’s gonna be spoiled! No more tears there!”

Minerva’s happy ending highlights the fortunate outcomes for some, but the SPCA also pointed out the ongoing challenges: increasing numbers of abandoned dogs, rising owner surrenders, and a significant slowdown in adoptions. They continue to urge the public to consider adoption to help more animals like Minerva find loving homes.

“We are rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect. We are saving them after they’ve been abandoned. And we are hoping with all of our might that loving families will come to adopt,” the SPCA stated, hopeful for more success stories like Minerva’s.