Some people are born into their calling, and that’s certainly true for our little rodeo star. Folks, you’ve never seen a baby ride a Roomba like this young wrangler.

As the featured attraction of the Baby Roomba Rodeo Roundup, little Wells is already making a name for himself. When he isn’t busy with his chores, he’s practicing his Roomba riding skills. Sometimes, he even gets the Roomba to help him finish up his chores early.

Image shows a diaper-wearing baby on a wild Roomba ride.

Wells has been mastering the Roomba since he could sit up on his own. His incredible balance allows him to stay in the saddle for long, challenging rides.

Although he might become a police officer someday, his heart seems set on the rodeo circuit for now. Here he is, on an award-winning championship ride, dressed to the nines with an oversized belt buckle, a Stetson, and snazzy cowboy boots!

Wells will continue honing his skills on the Baby Roomba Rodeo Roundup, eventually aiming to compete in the Youth Rodeo Association (YRA). His mom, Courtney, ensures he gets the proper training without risking burnout at such a young age.

With his talent, Wells might even surpass top-earning bull rider J.B. Mauney, who earned an impressive $7,419,474.90 before a broken neck forced him into retirement. However, it’s also possible that Wells might trade the Baby Roomba Rodeo Roundup for a focus on chores and vacuum cleaners.

No matter what path he chooses, his mom will surely be proud. For now, you can catch Wells and his wild Roomba rides by following the family on TikTok.


When you’re actually a Buller Rider but your mama says you gotta do your chores first 😮‍💨😂🤠

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