At 93 years old, this man had spent 63 years with his beloved wife, and his love for her persisted even four years after her passing.

The couple fell in love in 1948 when they were still quite young. After the girl received her high school diploma, they got married.

For 63 years, they shared a strong bond and, for the last 13 years of their marriage, ate at the same restaurant every day.

After her passing, Andre continued this tradition. Every day, he orders a dish from the daily special menu while sitting at the same table in the restaurant.

The restaurant’s owner mentioned that Andre had become an integral part of the business, and many people were moved by his dedication. Despite suggestions to find another woman, Andre insists that some people just don’t understand his way of coping with loneliness.

Throughout their marriage, they were inseparable. Andre often reflects on their typical day together, visiting her about 125 times each month, and thinking of her constantly. This is what real love looks like.