While celebrity children are often thrust into the public eye, some choose to stay out of the spotlight and avoid making headlines.

The unique and talented star does have a son, born on January 11, 1960.

Today, at 61 years old, he is living a wonderful love story in Norway.

Despite the cold climate in this country, which is ranked number one in the world for its education system, he has created a warm and joyful home with his wife.

She preferred her role as an actress to that of motherhood and admitted in an interview that she had never considered becoming a mother.

The couple met in the late 1950s while working on the movie “Babette Goes to War.”

Their romance caught the media’s attention, and their wedding in June 1959 received extensive coverage.

Over the years, their romantic and professional relationship continued to flourish.

As one of the most intriguing births to follow in the media, it attracted worldwide attention.