If you were a fan of TV in the 1960s and 1970s, chances are you caught some episodes of “Bewitched.” The show, a charming sitcom, became a huge success and earned numerous awards.

Tabitha, the beloved child character, was portrayed by identical twin sisters, Diane and Erin Murphy.

What are the two sisters up to now?

I’ve always admired child actors. It’s tough for kids to navigate the performing arts world, which demands skill, patience, and talent.

Over the years, many child stars have grown into celebrities. Diane and Erin Murphy were among the most successful young actresses.

“Bewitched,” which premiered on September 17, 1964, became one of the most popular TV shows, winning Emmys and earning Golden Globe nominations. It holds a record for being one of the longest-running sitcoms on the network.

Elizabeth Montgomery played Samantha, a beautiful woman with magical powers, but it was Tabitha, Samantha’s daughter, who stole hearts.

Did you know Tabitha was played by two sets of twin sisters? Diane and Erin Murphy were one such pair.

Both born in Encino, California, in 1964, Diane and Erin played Tabitha during the third and fourth seasons, captivating audiences.

Erin eventually took over the role permanently in the fourth season as they started to look less alike. Diane didn’t mind leaving the show.

Erin formed a close bond with Montgomery during her time on the show, maintaining it until Montgomery’s passing in 1995.

Erin found comfort in Agnes Moorehead’s dressing room, who played Samantha’s mother, despite enjoying attention on set.

Erin appeared in 102 episodes of “Bewitched,” while Diane returned for small roles.

So, what did Erin do after “Bewitched”?

She became a successful TV host, correspondent, and motivational speaker. She also founded Erin Murphy Knits, selling alpaca knitwear, and Slim Chillers, producing vodka martini ice pops.

At 58, Erin is a mother of six and resides in Los Angeles, still remembered for her role as Tabitha.