Maya, a passionate knitter, once had a brilliant idea: to knit a model of her own house.

Why not? Fueled by her love for knitting, she embarked on this unusual project. After completing the model, Maya proudly showcased her knitted house to her knitting circle friends.

Inspired by Maya’s creation, the group decided to take on an even more ambitious project: knitting their entire village.

Meeting on Wednesdays, they slowly brought their unconventional idea to life. The end result was an intricate model of their town, featuring the post office, bars, shops, the old shirt factory, and the flax mill around which the village developed.

The model also includes a playground and garden plots with knitted cauliflower. Maya’s husband supported the initiative by helping raise funds for fabrics and tools.

The village model, made entirely of knitted cloth, has already attracted 1,500 visitors, surpassing the village’s population of 1,000.

These joyful artists hope to raise £3,000 to donate to a charitable organization. We wish these wonderful ladies continued success in their worthy endeavors!