Before Violet Burdick appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, her exceptional talent had already garnered attention on the internet. Despite her young age of just five, Violet possessed an impressive singing ability that captured the hearts of her audience.

Her musical aptitude can be attributed to her father, Ryan Burdick, a local musician who immersed Violet in the world of music from a very young age. His dedication to nurturing her talent led to Violet gaining widespread recognition for her remarkable singing skills.

To their surprise, Violet’s parents were unaware that her aunt had taken the initiative to send a video of her singing to the producers of Ellen’s show. When Ryan received the unexpected call from the show, he was caught off guard.

However, given his lifelong commitment to fostering Violet’s singing abilities, Ryan shouldn’t have been entirely surprised that Violet’s voice had become a viral sensation. Soon after, the producers of The Ellen Show arranged for Violet to make an appearance, providing a platform for her to showcase her talent on a national scale.

During their appearance on the talk show, Violet and her dad expressed their deep admiration for Dolly Parton and discussed the Imagination Library, Dolly’s initiative to promote children’s literacy.

As the conversation concluded, Ellen invited Violet to sing, and she chose to perform one of Dolly Parton’s classics, “Jolene,” accompanied by her dad on the guitar. The audience was captivated, and soon, the video of her performance went viral.

Following their performance, Ellen surprised the father-daughter duo with an all-expenses-paid vacation to Dollywood in Tennessee.

Looking ahead, Ryan plans to teach Violet to play an instrument so she can accompany her own singing. Perhaps, in the future, she may return to Ellen’s show. Ryan appreciates the show’s unique feature of following up with child performers, allowing audiences to witness their progress over time, which adds a special touch to the entire experience.