In this performance, country music icon Dolly Parton joins forces with Jim Stafford to deliver a memorable rendition of “Spiders & Snakes.”

Dolly, sporting a red dress and pigtails while enjoying a lollipop, sets the stage with her playful presence. As Jim approaches her and engages in banter, the playful dynamic between the two artists unfolds.

Their onstage interaction takes a humorous turn when Jim teases Dolly with a fake spider, leading to playful exchanges that highlight their chemistry.

Despite initial teasing, the duo soon finds themselves back-to-back, harmonizing to the catchy tune. As the song progresses, their connection grows evident, culminating in a heartwarming embrace by the end of the performance.

“Spiders & Snakes,” penned by Jim Stafford and David Bellamy in 1974, showcases spoken verses and a memorable chorus. Jim Stafford’s repertoire includes other hits like “Swamp Witch,” “My Girl Bill,” and “Wildwood Weed.”

Together, Dolly and Jim deliver a delightful duet marked by their infectious energy and genuine enjoyment of performing together.