Growing up with a sibling is a delightful experience. Undoubtedly, you have photo albums brimming with cherished childhood memories, from staged family photoshoots to silly sibling rivalries and goofy facial expressions. The great news is that recreating amusing images from your childhood has become quite popular.

Reenacting childhood photos is not only a wonderful way to reminisce but also a fantastic gift for loved ones. It allows you to relive those carefree moments, if only for a brief time, and most importantly, it brings laughter to you and your siblings. To spark your creativity, here’s a compilation of the most hilarious and creative then-and-now photo recreations.

#1 Showering Siblings

#2For our father’s birthday, we attempted to recreate the same picture from 20 years ago. We’ve definitely grown up a bit since then!

#3 Then And Now

#4 Made my mom laugh more than I’ve ever seen with our 18 years later recreation.

#5 Then And Now

#6 A recreated childhood photo featuring me, my brother, and our two cousins.

#7 We Did That Thing

#8 The effort and commitment that went into recreating this photo with me and my brother are beyond words.

#9 Brother And Sister, Then And Now…

#10 Then And Now

#11 We Did That Thing

#12 11 years later, Burger King still disappoints, and my only friends are still incredibly weird.

#13 We Did That Thing

#14 20+ years later, we’re still a bunch of dirty boys.

#15 After a blip in the 1970s, at least our sense of style improved.

#16 Then And Now

#17 10 Years Apart

#18 Brother and sister still enjoy playing in the sand.

#19 20 Years Later

#20 Even 8 Years Later… We’re Still The Same