This is a unique and intriguing story, with many lingering questions about how it all transpired.

Being a kind and compassionate animal lover, an elderly woman noticed a starving and emaciated cat on the street and decided to take it in.

Over time, the kitten grew and became slightly larger than an average cat.

However, the woman wasn’t surprised because her cat consumed a lot of homemade, natural foods.

She adored her cat and as she had no family she considered him her grandson!

One day an incident happened: thieves tried to rob the poor woman.

At that moment, the cat was asleep in the closet amidst hats and scarves.

When the cat sensed trouble, it swiftly came to its owner’s rescue.

The cat attacked the burglars, preventing them from carrying out their intentions.

The responding police officers were astounded by the turn of events.

The cat that the woman had taken in turned out to be a wild manul.

The circumstances of how the young manul ended up abandoned in the city remain a mystery. Generally, Pallas’s cats are known to be non-aggressive animals, but they can become fierce defenders when their territory is threatened!