Patty was thrilled to celebrate her 90th birthday with her daughter and grandchildren. However, when they didn’t show up, she found herself marking the occasion with an unexpected guest who brought distressing news.

Having lived a fulfilling life, Patty was eagerly looking forward to her milestone birthday. Since her husband’s passing, her daughter Angie had been her closest family.

The day started with high hopes as Angie had promised to visit with her children, Patty’s beloved grandchildren. They always reminded her of the joyous days spent raising Angie with her husband. Her grandsons, bearing a striking resemblance to both their mother and their father, John, brought back many cherished memories.

John, Angie’s ex-husband, was a dear part of Patty’s life, and his divorce from Angie had been heartbreaking. Despite the separation, John maintained a close relationship with Patty, even sending Christmas letters every year. Patty always hoped that John and Angie would reconcile.

As her birthday unfolded, Patty became anxious. Lunchtime came and went with no word from Angie. Repeated calls to her daughter went unanswered, deepening Patty’s worry. Eventually, she resigned herself to spending another special day alone.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, filling Patty with anticipation. Yet, instead of Angie and her grandchildren, she found John standing there with gifts and flowers.

“Mama, happy birthday!” John greeted warmly.

“John? What a surprise!” Patty exclaimed, her spirits lifting.

John explained that he wanted to celebrate her special day with a small gift, despite not wanting to intrude.

“That’s nonsense! Please, join me for dinner. I’d love the company,” Patty insisted.

John hesitated, but the mention of her famous apple pie convinced him to stay. They enjoyed a wonderful evening cooking together, bringing back fond memories of Patty’s late husband, who also loved to cook.

During dinner, John inquired about Angie’s absence, revealing his surprise at her not being there. Patty shared her concern, admitting she hadn’t been able to reach her daughter. John decided to call Angie himself.

To Patty’s surprise, Angie answered John’s call. John soon learned and relayed to Patty that Angie, her new boyfriend, and the children were on vacation, a fact she hadn’t shared with her mother.

“Angie didn’t inform anyone about this trip? How could she just leave without telling us?” Patty asked, bewildered.

John, visibly disturbed, expressed his frustration, noting that Angie had been planning the trip for weeks without informing anyone, including him.

This news left Patty heartbroken and confused. She couldn’t understand why Angie would leave without even a word. After a brief conversation with Angie, Patty requested that she visit with the children as soon as possible. Angie apologized, but the damage was done.

John’s presence helped ease Patty’s pain, but her daughter’s actions left a deep scar. Patty now faced the challenge of rebuilding trust with Angie. She felt deeply wounded and uncertain about how to move forward.

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