Grandma Shares Her Secrets to Living to 107 Years Old

Grace Lepane, now 107 years old, attributes her long and happy life to a few key practices she believes are essential. According to her, regular exercise and maintaining a positive outlook are crucial for both physical health and mental well-being.

Grace’s life story is marked by resilience and tragedy, including the loss of her spouse due to a tragic accident, and the challenges of motherhood over several decades. Despite these hardships, she remains resilient and focused.

During our interview, Grace appeared elegant with a beautiful necklace and small gold earrings. She emphasized the importance of avoiding harmful habits like smoking and excessive drinking, instead advocating for a balanced diet and regular physical activity to maintain good health.

She also stressed the significance of managing stress and ensuring sufficient sleep for a happy and fulfilling life. Grace maintains a serene outlook on life, expressing contentment and gratitude for her family and experiences.

“I don’t like to sit idle,” Grace said during our conversation. “I always find something to do to keep myself occupied and productive.”

Reflecting on her longevity, Grace expressed a sense of gratitude and fulfillment. She has embraced life with a Zen-like tranquility, harboring no regrets and cherishing moments with her loved ones.

“As I approach the latter years of my life, I am deeply thankful for my family and the experiences I’ve had,” Grace shared warmly.