When Ekaterina experienced the typical phases of pregnancy, everything seemed to be progressing normally until the day arrived for her to head to the hospital earlier than expected.

The reason behind the early visit was her anticipation of welcoming twins into the world. As labor commenced, the intensity of the pain became overwhelming.

After enduring the challenges, Ekaterina welcomed the arrival of the first baby after a few hours, and shortly thereafter, the second one made their entrance.

Thankfully, both infants were born healthy, marking a joyous moment for any parent. However, an unexpected twist came when it was noticed that one of the babies had a distinctive mole on her cheek.

In an unusual turn of events, Ekaterina’s reaction was far from the expected joy and affection.

As she cradled her newborn daughter, her expression turned to one of disgust, leading her to promptly hand the baby over to the midwife without even acknowledging her. Conversely, her son received a warm and loving embrace.

The midwives were understandably perplexed by Ekaterina’s uncharacteristic behavior during what should have been a moment of celebration.

Shockingly, the next morning brought an even more distressing revelation – Ekaterina decided to abandon her daughter. She made it clear that she would raise only her son, expressing a rejection of the “ugly” girl with the noticeable mole.

Despite suggestions to consider removing the mole, Ekaterina remained steadfast in her decision. The poignant turn of events took a positive twist when the little girl’s uncle stepped in the following day, opting to take her away from a situation that seemed detrimental to her well-being.

This story, with its unexpected turns and emotional nuances, provides a glimpse into the complexities of human relationships and challenges societal expectations.

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