The couple was thrilled at the prospect of having two, possibly three, children.

Anticipating parenthood for so long had made them view it as a cherished reward.

Based on ultrasound findings, the doctor initially speculated they might have five children.

However, upon reevaluation while Liana was still in shock, he admitted his mistake: there were actually six children.

The parents watched the screen in utter amazement at the revelation of six children at once.

After much deliberation, the couple decided to give each of the six children a chance.

The medical team assured them they would do everything possible to ensure the safety of all the children.

To ensure a successful pregnancy and delivery, the entire hospital staff spared no expense and exerted maximum effort.

On April 23, 2012, 35 staff members gathered in the delivery room, eagerly anticipating the imminent birth along with the parents.

The birth occurred shortly thereafter, with all infants born within four minutes. Each baby weighed no more than one kilogram.

Liana was immediately given the opportunity to see and touch her newborns. Overwhelmed with joy at becoming a mother, she expressed profound gratitude to the doctors.