Three friends from the Balkans region of Europe founded the rescue organization Paw Squadron. They recently received an urgent call about a puppy that had been abandoned in a village after being adopted. His owners had left him in the bushes because they no longer wanted him.

The volunteers searched everywhere for the puppy but couldn’t find him. Just as they were about to leave, they spotted the little one. He was alone and initially ran away.

The volunteers had to approach him slowly, as he was terrified of people. However, he eventually took a leap of faith and walked towards the rescuers. Once they had him, they took the puppy to his new home.

On the way, the rescuers offered him some food. Despite his hunger, he still didn’t fully trust them, likely because his previous family had also abandoned him. The volunteers weren’t sure if he was a domestic or yard dog and didn’t know who his previous owners were. The puppy seemed starving and quickly devoured the food. After eating, they continued their journey home with him. He relaxed and enjoyed the cuddles.

Upon reaching his new home, the puppy curiously explored every inch of the house. When it was time for his bath, he was afraid of water. The rescuers were very gentle, washing away the dirt, dust, and fleas from his fur. Despite his fear, he behaved well during the bath.

After the final rinse, they dried him off and prepared a royal dinner for him. The puppy was then taken to the vet, where he met Mr. Parrot and was weighed. His temperature was normal, and the vet gave him medicine for the parasites. He also had his nails clipped and met the vet’s dog, Jack Russell. Soon, the puppy fell asleep in the volunteer’s arms, awaiting adoption.