Do you remember gathering around the living room to watch The Carol Burnett Show back in the ’70s? If so, you’ll definitely recall the joy it brought to millions every Saturday night.

In this classic sketch, “Clock Repair,” the iconic comedy duo of Harvey Korman and Tim Conway team up again, delivering laughs all the way.

Korman plays an impatient businessman who needs to get back to work but first must deal with Conway’s shuffling, dawdling, forgetful elder, hoping he can fix a family heirloom.

Here’s a fun fact that even diehard fans might not know: Conway called his recurring Oldest Man character “Duane Toddleberry.” On The Carol Burnett Show, this slow-moving character appeared in various sketches over the years.

Duane Toddleberry could be a fireman in one episode, a galley slave in another, or even a pediatrician making house calls, but the hilarity was always the same, making him a fan favorite.

Another lesser-known fact is the origin of the character. Conway based the Oldest Man on himself when he was in high school. After suffering a severe back injury, he had to walk with small, shuffling steps during his recovery. “That was the way I walked,” he once explained in an interview, “so that got a lot of laughs.”

The Oldest Man’s counterpart in the sketches was almost always Harvey Korman, who portrayed various irritated men in a hurry. Inevitably, Korman would break character, trying to hold back a chuckle or turning away to laugh at Conway’s antics. Watching Korman lose it was always part of the fun, and “Clock Repair” is no different.

“I have fond memories of watching The Carol Burnett Show back in the seventies,” writes one enthusiastic fan. “I was a grade school kid then and looked forward to watching it every Saturday night.”

“Genius! My family never missed this show when I was a little kid,” reminisces another.

And if you don’t remember the bit where Tim shows Harvey what a quarter ’til three looks like on his owl-shaped clock, prepare to laugh uncontrollably. Conway’s Oldest Man is a legendary comic character for a good reason.