The Carol Burnett Show featured a hilarious sketch with a bank teller trainee and a bank robber trainee! The scene stars Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Carol Burnett.

Vicki Lawrence plays the trainee bank teller, with Carol Burnett standing behind her, supervising. Vicki struggles with the job while Carol breathes down her neck. Tim and Harvey walk into the bank, with Tim looking worried.

They approach Vicki, looking suspiciously around. Tim shouts, “This is a mess up. So don’t stick around.” Harvey, annoyed, whispers to Tim. Tim tries again, saying, “This is a stick-up, so don’t mess around.”

Harvey tells Tim to put his mask on, but Tim says he forgot it at home. Harvey apologizes for the delay, explaining that Tim is a new trainee for the mob. Harvey instructs Tim to grab his gun, but Tim can’t find it.

Harvey, frustrated, goes through the steps of how a mobster should walk into a bank, with the gun in the right-hand pocket. Tim pulls out notes from his pocket, apologizing to the bankers.

Carol is annoyed, but Vicki, the trainee, says it’s okay and he can take his time. The supervisors, Harvey and Carol, bond over their annoyance with their trainees, quickly developing a love relationship and kicking out the trainees.

Harvey and Carol share their secrets and troubles but realize they can’t be together due to their opposite work situations. They stall so much that the police arrive. One police officer instructs his trainee to pull out his gun, but the trainee struggles and the supervising officer apologizes, concluding this goofy sketch.