Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, two of Hollywood’s most stunning stars, were married to each other for fifty joyful years until Paul’s passing.

7 Things to Know About Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

They first met on the set of “Picnic” in the 1950s, where they both began their acting careers. At that time, Newman was already married, but they crossed paths again during the filming of “The Long, Hot Summer” in 1958. By then, Newman had divorced his first wife, and he promptly married Woodward in Las Vegas.

Their marriage was marked by love and professional success. They raised three daughters and lived happily as a family in Connecticut. Both achieved significant acclaim in their careers, with Newman starring in iconic films like “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and “The Sting,” while Woodward won an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in “The Three Faces of Eve.”

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In addition to his acting career, Newman founded the organic food product line “Newman’s Own” and engaged in numerous philanthropic activities until his death from lung cancer in 2008. That same year, they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

Newman once famously remarked, “I have steak at home; why go out for hamburger?” expressing his deep love and commitment to Joanne, as reported by The New York Times. For her part, Joanne attributed the longevity of their marriage to laughter, emphasizing that a partner who makes you laugh every day is invaluable.

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Their enduring love and electric chemistry were evident to those around them. Author Carol Ross Joynt described a romantic scene she witnessed at a dinner party in the 1970s, where Paul tenderly touched Joanne’s face as they enjoyed music together, calling it the most romantic thing she had ever seen (as per The Washington Post). Their relationship continues to inspire many with its warmth and devotion.