Anyone who lived through the sixties remembers Dean Martin’s comedy shows. He hosted several, each one a classic! Featuring some of the era’s biggest comedians, these shows are a treasure trove of nostalgia.

In the clip you’re about to watch, Dean Martin sits at a bar when comedian Foster Brooks enters, portraying a drunken brain surgeon—a character you’d never want operating on you. The ensuing banter between Martin and Brooks is so hilarious that Martin can barely contain his laughter throughout the segment.

The video then transitions to another encounter between Brooks and Martin. This time, Brooks plays a drunken pilot. Despite the absurdity, the duo maintains their witty exchange without breaking character. To ensure his reactions were genuine, Martin never rehearsed before a show.

In these clips, you’ll often see Martin smoking a cigarette and having a drink—a sight less common in today’s television but a hallmark of its time, adding to the nostalgic charm. The audience’s laughter throughout the video is infectious.