Grandma Bobbe’s worries about housing were lifted when her grandson, Matthew Stewart, surprised her with the news that she would be moving in with him and his family.

In a heartwarming Instagram video that has since gone viral, Matthew casually informs Bobbe about their future living arrangement while they sit together in front of his under-construction house.

Grandmother finds out she's moving in with her grandson

He points out where her room will be and describes how she can enjoy the yard.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Grandma Bobbe tears up upon realizing how much her grandson wants her to live with him. She expresses her gratitude, mentioning how glad she is that someone wants her.

Grandma's reaction touches people's hearts when she finds out she's moving  in with grandson

Matthew lightens the moment with a touch of humor, saying, “I guess,” which prompts Bobbe to laugh through her tears.

The video captures a poignant moment of family love and reassurance, highlighting the deep bond between grandmother and grandson. Matthew and Bobbe are well-known on social media for sharing both heartfelt and humorous moments, further endearing them to their followers.