Jon Bon Jovi, aside from his fame as a musician, is also recognized as a modern-day hero. He founded the nonprofit initiative Soul Kitchen, where meals are provided without cost.


Those who can afford it contribute 20% of the total bill, while those in need receive meals free of charge.

The restaurant features both a traditional garden and a vegetable garden where fruits, herbs, and vegetables are grown, inviting community involvement in kitchen activities and gardening.

JBJ Soul Kitchen | JBJ Soul Kitchen

Over half of the meals are funded by donations, with volunteers also contributing to the effort.

Recently, Bon Jovi opened a second Soul Kitchen near Toms River, New Jersey, emphasizing fresh, organic ingredients and his personal involvement in kitchen operations and community service.

Bon Jovi Opened 2 Restaurants That Allow People In Need To Eat Free Of  Charge | Bored Panda