If you ask me, celebrities live rather unenviable lives for the most part. Sure, many have managed to climb to the top of a ladder that millions dream of, acquiring wealth, fame, and adoration along the way. However, there are also numerous drawbacks to living in the public eye.

For one, I don’t know if I could handle the constant criticism most A-listers seem to endure. Everyone’s a critic, as they say, and even when celebrities do something right, there are always people waiting to tell them they’re wrong.

Imagine trying to navigate life when every move you make and every piece of clothing you wear is scrutinized and discussed by strangers. Newspapers publish stories, gossip spreads, and before long, you find yourself analyzed by the masses simply for living your life.

Celebrities like Pamela Anderson, who have been in the limelight for a long time, are well-acquainted with this reality. However, that doesn’t mean they’re immune to hurtful comments.

This is especially evident after high-profile events like the Met Gala, where attendees push their creative limits with bold and sometimes bizarre outfits. While it’s common for fans to critique someone’s wardrobe choices for a red carpet-event, it’s quite unfair to criticize their actual looks—such as their hair, skin, or makeup choices.

Pamela Anderson made her Met Gala debut earlier this week, deviating from her recent no-makeup look to sport a minimal touch-up that didn’t go unnoticed. The 56-year-old wore a stunning cream-colored dress designed by Oscar de la Renta, embellished with diamond strings and crystals, reportedly totaling close to 200 carats from Pandora.

Pamela looked phenomenal, mingling with the entertainment industry’s elite. Her makeup was delicately applied, featuring simple golden eye shadow, pink blush, and glossy lipstick.

Yet, some people were quick to criticize her appearance.

“This ain’t it, Pam. I could have done so much better here, especially with the hair. Not a good look at all,” one person commented.

“She looks older than her age. More like a woman in her mid-60s,” said another.

“She is glowing but wishes she had fuller brows. It’s so distracting and very drag-queen makeup,” wrote a third.

Another added: “Seems she didn’t wear much makeup and didn’t have time to finish her hair?”

“Her hair looks like she was sleeping on bad pillows!!” said a fifth.

Fortunately, others were quick to offer praise to the actress.

“Pamela is the best and the most beautiful of the whole lot. Simple, elegant, natural and stunning and practical,” wrote one fan.

“She looks better than 90% of women there,” gushed another.

A third opined: “Style and good taste, unlike too many others.”

What do you think of Pamela’s look for the 2024 Met Gala? Let us know in the comments.