Boxing is a highly regulated sport, so there are strict regulations to follow both inside and outside of the ring.

However, many blunders went unchecked until one boxing incident dramatically transformed a man’s life.

The Full Story of Prichard Colon Pro Boxer to Vegetative State

It’s a terrible story that should serve as a warning to boxers and referees alike regarding Prichard Colon.

It all started on October 17, 2015, when the Puerto Rican professional boxer Terrel Williams, an all-American, stepped into the ring.

Both fighters were exchanging punches and dancing to prevent discovery at the start of the match.

Family of Former Boxer Prichard Colón Share Update After Devastating Injury

But everything would go awry when Williams started throwing a barrage of blows to Colon’s back of the head.

The referee did not only fail to stop the punches, but he also only docked Colon one point during a round in which Colon was put down by force.

Williams persisted in hitting his opponent in the nape whenever he got the chance, leaving Colon permanently paralyzed.
Colon recently rewatched the battle that rendered him unable to walk or communicate, and the comments on the video, which he posted to X, formerly Twitter, were horrific.

Who is Prichard Colon and what happened to him? | The Sun

“Guy kept going for the back of the neck,” one commenter said. He was proficient at his work. heinous

“Imagine being so desperate to win that you would paralyze someone for fame and money.” Sad,” said a second commenter.

“It’s heartbreaking to watch the original fight and see how that referee was negligent and unethical and is still working,” said one person, criticizing the referee for his involvement in the incident. That was the extent of the referee’s involvement.

Williams won the title by default in the ninth round after Colon’s corner, believing the fight had ended, actually disqualified him for removing his gloves.

WATCH: Prichard Colon, Boxer Who Was Paralyzed by Terrel Williams, Slips  Punches in a Heartwarming Clip - EssentiallySports

But by then, Colon had already complained of feeling lightheaded and had started throwing up after leaving the ring.

After that, they sent him to Inova Fairfax Hospital, where they put him in a 200-day coma due to internal brain bleeding.

He could only blink and breathe when he woke up, unable to move or speak to his family.

Colon’s condition has improved a little bit since then.

Nearly ten years have passed since Colon entered a vegetative state, and his family frequently posts updates on the 29-year-old’s health on social media.
He can now speak with his eyes, stand for brief periods on his own, and operate his motorized wheelchair.

If a little assistance is required, even his hands can move.

Williams has, nevertheless, publicly acknowledged his regret for what he did to Colon.

In 2018, he declared, “I offer daily prayers for Prichard.” That will always remain the same. All I want for him is health and peace. Nobody wants to experience what happened to Prichard.

“Every boxer is a brother. I would never purposefully hurt someone in that way.”

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