The birth of Ayla Summer Mucha brought immense joy to her parents, Cristina Vercher and Blaize Mucha, from Australia. However, they were surprised to discover that the large smile greeting them was due to a rare condition.

Ayla, born on December 30, 2021, via C-section, was diagnosed with bilateral macrostomia, a facial cleft where the corners of the mouth fail to fuse properly during pregnancy. This condition is extremely rare, with only 14 cases documented in medical literature.

Despite Vercher’s normal pregnancy and clear ultrasound scans, the condition was immediately noticeable at birth, causing significant worry for the new parents.

Vercher and her husband had never encountered macrostomia before, making the experience even more shocking and concerning.

It took several hours for doctors to diagnose Ayla, adding to the parents’ anxiety, as the hospital had little knowledge or support for such a rare condition. Vercher struggled with feelings of guilt, wondering if she had done something wrong during her pregnancy. However, a series of tests and scans reassured her that Ayla’s condition was beyond their control.

Determined to raise awareness, Vercher and Mucha shared Ayla’s story on social media, where her unique smile quickly captured the hearts of 6.5 million TikTok users.

The overwhelming support was heartwarming, though some negative comments emerged. Supportive followers quickly defended Ayla, praising her beauty and urging the family to ignore hurtful remarks.

In response to the negative comments, Vercher advised kindness and acceptance, emphasizing that conditions like Ayla’s could happen to anyone. She remained proud and continued sharing their journey.

Ayla, now two years old, has likely undergone corrective surgery with minimal scarring. Recently, she became a big sister, further adding to the family’s joy.