Farouk James Miller from London may not come from wealth or possess exceptional talents, but his incredibly voluminous and stunning hair sets him apart, making him the envy of many!

James became a sensation when his parents stopped trimming his hair. His two-foot-tall cascading curls began attracting attention from prominent clothing brands, some of which compensated him for his “work” on Instagram.

This “work” involves James, with help from his parents, sharing images of him in branded attire on Instagram. These posts not only gain devoted followers but also attract potential buyers.

James’s mother refers to his hair as their “golden ticket,” benefiting the whole family. Now, James’s luscious locks measure an impressive 60 centimeters, with his mother trimming just an inch each year to encourage healthy growth. Thanks to his extraordinary hair, James’s family enjoys a higher standard of living compared to many other families of color in London.

James lives up to the saying, “Big hair comes with big responsibilities.” His mother notes that he’s had these impressive locks almost from birth, requiring special care, including expensive shampoos, daily oil treatments, and nightly braiding.

Despite the challenges, James continues to embrace the journey his hair has set him on, and we wish him the best of luck in all his endeavors!