For the past six years, Rahul Singh has been photographing the wildlife that inhabits his home in Jalpaiguri, India.

In August of last year, he made the decision to relocate to a location with numerous decorative banana bushes.

The photographer was happy with the sights because it had rained heavily and everything around him was coated in wonderful drops at the moment, and the red petals of the amazing banana plants were amazing. Rahul was snapping some amazing shots when he came across a little crimson songbird.

The magnificent bird had not squandered its opportunity and discovered a lovely banana bloom coated in waterdrops. The astute songbird observed the gorgeous flower’s red petals and flew over to them. The reason why the clever bird approached the bloom, however, will astound you.

The clever and cute bird desired to bathe in the flower’s velvety petals. Because songbirds are so little, this one was precisely positioned in the flower.

Rahul snapped some incredible images and shared them on his Instagram account!