Antonella’s parents, Flávio Dantas and Tarsila Batista, were thrilled when she was born in Aug 2019.

Flávio and Tarsila, on the other hand, had always made it a point to tell Antonella how much they loved her, even when she was not born yet.

Flávio spoke to his unborn child every day, telling her nothing but nice things.

“He often told her how much he loved her,” Tarsila told the Brazilian publication SoNoticiaBoa. “When I got to work, I said, ‘Good morning.’ He massaged my belly and said, ‘I’ll always be there.’

And something extraordinary happened every time her spouse did that.

“Amazingly, she seemed to start moving at the same moment every day,” Tarsila continued.

Flávio’s habit of conversing with Antonella while she was still in the womb paid dividends. Antonella proved how close she is to her father from the moment she was born at Marcilio Dias Naval Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Flávio leaned in close to say “hello” to his darling baby as the medical team handed her over to her parents for their first contact. He said the same things he had been speaking to Antonella every day, but this time she answered.

When the baby first heard her father’s voice, she smiled the most significant and loveliest smile she’d ever seen!

Now that she was outside, hearing her dad’s familiar voice filled her heart with so much joy that she couldn’t help but express it.

“They lay her on top of me, asleep,” Tarsila said, “and as soon as he talked to her, Antonella opened her eyes and smiled.”

“Too large to fit inside his chest,” Flávio, the happy new dad, said of his love for Antonella.

Tarsila couldn’t agree with you more. Antonella’s birth is “a gift from my Lord,” she says.

By the looks of things, Antonella feels the same way about her parents. Fortunately for us, a nurse snapped a photo of the trio smiling at each other.

The pair ultimately shared the photo on Instagram with the comment “Quando vi minha famlia pela Primeira Vez,” which translates to “When I first saw my family.”

“And it’s that time when we forget all the sorrow and focus on the truest grin of all,” Tarsila wrote in their sweet family photo on Facebook. “I gave birth to my princess.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, babies can begin processing sound sixteen weeks after conception. Antonella moved every time she heard her father’s voice at 26 weeks because a baby in the womb reacts to external noises. The sound of their parents’ voices can also be soothing to babies.

Flávio cherishes the special relationship he has with his child.

“I thought I knew what true love felt like,” he remarked. “Until I caught a glimpse of the world’s most genuine smile. It was [there] that I realized what love is.”

Tarsila is just as smitten with Antonella as she is with her partner. “If wealth were measured in words, I’d sum it up in one: you,” she said with a photo of herself and her kid. “God’s hands have carved my precious diamond.”

Antonella’s birthday, August 11, 2019, falls on Father’s Day in Brazil, making this story even more spectacular.

Antonella is now a toddler and still looks as cute as she was as a baby. Looking at her Instagram photos, she appears to have matured into a true daddy’s girl!

It’s lovely to see the closeness between this dad and his kid. Always remember to tell your fathers how much you appreciate and care for them!