Since God placed the right guy in the right place at the right moment, a man who was rescued from a burning car is still alive today. Justin Quesenberry has been labeled a hero, but he rejects the label. In this case, he’s doing what any rational person would do.

When Justin arrived home from work, he heard a huge explosion outside his door. He ran outside to find out what had happened when he saw a car come to a halt on the edge of a mountainside before engulfing in flames.

Justin added, “I heard an engine revving up, fully open, and then a big explosion.”

He wasn’t the only one who walked outdoors to investigate the explosion. His neighbors did the same. Because there was so much smell and the fire was so intense, everyone concluded that whoever was inside the car was already gone.

“I just knew whoever was inside had passed since the windows had been open for so long,” Justin continued. The windows shattered due to the heat, allowing a fresh breeze in and clearing the smoke just long enough even for Justin to discover the person inside was still alive. The man needed to be rescued from the burning car, he realized.

“I saw a human move.” “It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, knowing there was someone to help,” he recalled.

As his neighbors gathered to see the miraculous rescue, Justin Quesenberry responded immediately. He ran to the passenger side of the automobile and helped a man who was being rescued. Justin recalled,

“‘Hurry,’ I said, ‘come to me.’ ‘You’ve set yourself on fire!’ I was ecstatic. ‘Get out of your car,’ says the narrator. He was also exhausted and fainted in the passenger seat. So I reached into the car and pulled him out from under his arms.”

This couldn’t have come at a better time, for as the entire car caught fire, the flames erupted higher and the smoke thickened. The moniker “Russell Street Rescuer” has stuck with Justin. If he hadn’t intervened, the individual in the car would not have lived. “You are unable to think,” Justin stated. It is imperative that you act. Since every second you hesitate and think, and every second of that person’s life is stolen away if they are afraid and allow fear to gain control.”

Justin considers himself fortunate to have been in the right place at the right moment. “It was definitely a miracle of God that he made it,” he remarked. The driver is now at home healing and looking forward to the future–all because one man was willing to risk his life for another.

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