For all babies, hearing their mothers’ voices is a soothing sensation. It’s a method for mothers to connect with their babies and let them know they’re there. However, not all babies are fortunate enough to hear their moms’ soothing voices!

The lovely baby Charly in the footage below was born profoundly deaf. Doctors were unable to restore her hearing, but Charly is now able to hear her mom’s loving voice owing to a pair of hearing aids.

Emotional video footage captures the moment Charly first puts on her hearing aids and her reaction to hearing how her mother sounds are one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time. The baby’s eyes well up with tears of joy as soon as mum begins to speak.

Of course, the baby is still too small to communicate her feelings with words, but that isn’t necessary. By her adorable facial expressions, it’s clear that the baby girl’s heart is full of joy and pleasure.

“When Char got her hearing aids today, we experienced our miraculous moment that I had been praying for,” the mother posted on Instagram. “We didn’t think she’d hear anything, so this was much more fantastic than I can express.” I hope my presence and touch are enough to reassure her during the day… I know she feels our affection for her, our protection, and our hopes as this precious kid lock her eyes on mine!”

Find the video below!