Sean McCormack and his friend Ross Tweedy discovered that somewhere up the mountain, a dog with wounded paws lived.

To help the creature, they immediately embarked on a 12-hour hike.

Someone shared a photo of a dog sitting in a rusted barrel “home” on social media, claiming that the dog resides there near a private property, but that it is neglected and that the dog’s paws are hurt.

A tiny dog with his paws tucked under him was seen in the photograph.

This shot had a significant impact on McCormack. He phoned the person who had made it and was given the exact address of the house and dog.

Sandy was the dog, and when he slipped into a poacher’s trap, his paws were wounded.

However, the path turned out to be so difficult that you could only reach there on foot.

It turned out that climbing this peak would take at least 6 hours. Then the same amount will be reduced.

Climbing the mountain proved to be considerably more challenging than Sean had anticipated.

When they finally made it to the top of the mountain, the dog was barely visible beneath the plastic chairs.

He was terrified of strangers, but he waggled his tail fervently.

“As soon as we spotted the dog, we knew we had to help him.” We didn’t give a damn if any of the villagers were offended if we took him. He approached us and rested his head on my knees. “He seemed to be begging us to hug him,” McCormack adds.

According to McCormack, the dog would have passed from the infection if he had stayed on the mountain.

One of the paws healed, but the other was so badly injured that the bone could be seen.

“He was in discomfort, but it was evident that after we bandaged his paw, he felt a little better.”

The dog needed to be transported to the veterinarian right away. Sandy was placed in a bag and asked to look about.

“All the way back, he acted like an angel.” He didn’t cry, he didn’t whine, and he didn’t bark. He didn’t say anything.”

When Sandy was ultimately taken to the vet, the afflicted areas of both front legs had to be amputated.

Sandy’s wounds are mending nicely now, and they have promised to manufacture him special prosthetics once he is fully recovered.

“He’s doing well now and has already begun playing with the other dogs at the clinic,” said the owner. He is a joyful, lovely, and kind dog.”

When Sandy’s tale was shared on social media, one Taiwanese was moved by his suffering and expressed interest in permanently adopting the dog, despite his disabilities.

“We’re quite pleased with Sandy’s performance. “It was well worth the effort we put in to get to him,” McCormack states…