Thousands of people have left their homes as Russian bombs keep falling on Ukraine. Nonetheless, some brave Ukrainians have stuck behind to provide food and shelter to homeless and abandoned animals. One of those heroes is Pavlina Harasym, a veterinarian who patrols Lviv’s roads each day.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Network for Animals (NFA), an animal welfare organization, has provided pet food and support and is currently gathering funding to build an animal ambulance vehicle for the brave vet so she may aid even more animals.

Dr. Pavlina and volunteers are visiting dangerous zones on foot to save the pets. They return the animals to the shelter, where they will be treated until they can be moved to Poland in a secure manner.

So far, 200 pets have been rescued, but with an animal ambulance, they might save a lot more. The vehicle has a capacity of 50 pets, allowing for a significant rise in the number of animals saved.

You’re a lovely lady. God is aware of your good deeds.

Please, God…

Please assist and safeguard these people who are assisting those animals, as well as the animals themselves!

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