Because of a misdial, a friendship was built between two persons over the phone for almost 20 years. Gladys Hankerson and Mike Moffitt are the two individuals in question.

Gladys Hankerson, a Florida native, was attempting to contact her Maryland-based sister. Rather than dialing 410, she dialed 401. In Rhode Island, Mike Moffitt picked up the phone.

As it wasn’t her sister’s voice, Hankerson realized she had dialed the wrong number. By chance, this happened a few more times. According to Moffitt, his father instructed him to always pick up the phone since you never know who is calling.

Moffitt finally questioned who she was and why she was calling one day before Hankerson hung up. This was the beginning of their long friendship.

Hankerson was going through a tough moment in her life because she had recently lost her son and was divorced. Moffitt gave her a lot of encouragement and became one of her best mates.

Hankerson was surprised at her front door during the Thanksgiving weekend. Moffitt arrived at Hankerson’s residence after a trip to Florida with his family.

For both of them, it was a wonderful day to finally see each other. It was the best Thanksgiving ever, according to Hankerson. She wishes there were more people like Mike in the world.

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