Shiniuzhai National Geological Park officials have constructed a convenience store on the side of a 427-foot-high (130-meter) cliff, selling drinks and snacks to climbers.

The business is located in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park and is known as the “most inconvenient” convenience store. It is one of China’s most popular and spectacular national parks, with beautiful waterfalls, towering cliffs, and a variety of climbing trails.

Because Shiniuzhai attracts a large number of thrill-seeking tourists, park managers decided to construct a small shop where climbers can get refreshments if they need a break during their ascent. The little wooden box sits in the middle of three popular climbing routes and is made of light materials to avoid damaging the rock.

Only bottled water and snacks like potato chips and energy bars are sold in the store. While most people would assume that the small business is rather pricey at first look, this is not the case. A bottle of water, for example, costs only 2 yuan ($0.30) in China. Customers can also pay for things using a smartphone application, in addition to cash.

“We provide climbers with low-cost items to help them preserve their physical endurance,” Wang Qiwei, a staff member at Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, stated. “The store is not particularly profitable due to the small flow of consumers, but it tries to create a unique experience for our climbers.”

The shop exclusively hires skilled climbers who use a zipline to get to work every day. This is also how the things are delivered to the retailer. Only one person is allowed inside the box at a time, and that employee is responsible for serving clients and replenishing the store every morning.

The dangers of working at a height aren’t the only ones. Another consideration is the distance between the toilet and the bathroom.

“Every new employee is a little apprehensive about doing this at first, but you get used to it soon,” a worker explained. “The only issue is that I have to use the restroom.” We try not to drink too much water because climbing down and up to use the toilet is hard.”

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